Gepost op 14-sep-2020

Romex B.V.

Pylon interfaces are one of the oldest Mass Interconnect interfaces that are still being used and widely available on the market for a very long time. At the time they were developed as a reliable interface solution for (Genrad) ICT test systems, based on a standardised block with 170 Pylon or POGO test-probes on the tester side (Receiver) and a counter contact block inside each test fixture (ITA).
As over the years we moved to surface mount technology and more complex and compact digital boards we moved also more and more from In-Circuit to Functional test, Pylon has tried to keep up with the growing demands for more complex applications involving high power, coaxial, signal, pneumatic and fiber optic applications. Because of these needs many new blocks were developed by as many different companies and not always 100% compatible with the original Pylon design. But the biggest challenges today are new, high speed data demands with communication or graphical interfaces like Fire wire, USB3, USB-C, HDMI, VGA, Gigabit LAN, Display port, Lightning port etc. etc.
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